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a management model that focused on the benefits of teamwork and its ability to empower organizations. In general, this approach resulted in tremendous  increases in productivity and improved employee morale.

Organizations that value doing the right thing, telling the truth, promoting no-nonsense communication, and confronting difficult issues move ahead in their industries and markets by creating:

Cultures of integrity

Compelling brands

Competitive advantages

Productive workforces

Consistent leadership

Positive morale

"Person-Organization Fit is the congruence of an individual’s
        beliefs and values with the culture, norms, and values of an
        organization.”  (  P-O Fit is most often measured in terms of the
        congruence between a set of work-related values held by a
        candidate and the culture of an organization.

 It makes perfect sense that the greater the fit between
        the values of an individual and those of the organization, the more
likely they will be to remain with that organization. There has been
        a good deal of scientific research that has provided support for
        this relationship. An understanding of the hard costs associated
        with turnover makes the idea of increased fit an attractive

An understanding of an individual’s work values relative to those
        of groups within the organization can also have value that goes
well beyond the selection process. This type of data can be very
useful for optimizing the configuration of work groups and teams,
        as well as helping to evaluate the suitability of an individual for
        promotion into a new area within the organization.

Use P-O Fit data to compliment P-J Fit data. Both of
        these types of information can have lots of value to
        organizations. In fact, because they address different
aspects of job performance, they can actually provide a
        situation in which the whole is greater then the sum of its
        parts in terms of making hiring decisions. As always, it’s
        important not to use P-O Fit data as the sole criteria when
making hiring decisions. Good hiring decisions should always
        be based on multiple sources of information.

Use fit to optimize teams when making internal
        assignments. One of the greatest things about P-O Fit
        data is that is has lots of value for helping organizations
        determine which individual is the best choice for an internal
        assignment. An inventory of values collected during the
        hiring process can be used to help ensure that an employee
        is not assigned to a work group that has a culture that is
        not in line with their values. This type of evaluation can
        have a major impact on the productivity of work groups
        within the organization.

Organizations choosing to include P-O Fit in their hiring process
        stand to benefit from both tangible outcomes such as reduced
turnover and less tangible, but no less important, outcomes —
such as increased commitment to the organization and its mission.


 By matching the right personality with the right company workers can achieve a better synergy and avoid pitfalls such as high turnover and low job satisfaction. Employees are more likely to stay committed to organizations if the fit is ‘good’.





The first draft of anything is shit.
Ernest Hemingway (via wordsnquotes)
self confidence

I never ever criticize myself

My self esteem grows stronger every day

I have a strong sense of self worth

I believe in myself

I forgive myself for any mistakes i have made

I live life with courage and confidence

A sense of strenght inside of you

You deserve what good life has to offer

Your self esteem will grow stronger and stronger.


Alexander McQueen S/S 1999


Alexander McQueen S/S 1999